Our mission

is to equip students with the right skills that will help them excel in the world today and future by teaching them to code..


We teach coding in a unique way

Students on Codegummy can identify real-world problems around them and build solutions to solve them. They are smarter and become good problem solvers, which is the main skill every programmer/coder should have.

One-on-one instructor lead classes

Our classes are designed to help our students learn with an instructor who also is a mentor to the student. Students are also encouraged to work on their personal projects and are offered guidance.

Students can learn from anywhere

Our classes are virtual so our students can learn from home, during free time in school, or even on vacation. Parents choose the best time slot for their kids.

We offer project-based learning

Coding is best learnt while building projects and we have tons of projects that teach students every coding concept they need to excel.

Parent love Codegummy