Programming concepts

Intermediate Python Coding

By CodeGummy


In this 12-week intermediate Python coding course, young learners will build upon their foundational Python skills and explore more advanced programming concepts. Through hands-on projects and engaging activities, students will deepen their understanding of Python, gain problem-solving skills, and develop the confidence to tackle complex coding challenges.

What students will learn

    • Advanced Python Programming Skills
    • Data Structures
    • Functions and Modules

Course Outline

* Recap of Python basics
* Introduction to advanced Python topics
* Setting up the development environment
* Introduction to Flask (a Python web framework)
* Data analysis with Python libraries (e.g., pandas)
* Lists, tuples, and dictionaries
* Working with data collections
* Data manipulation and access
* Writing and using functions
* Writing and using functions
* Creating reusable code with modules
* Libraries and external modules
* Advanced if statements
* For and while loops
* Reading and writing files
* Working with CSV and JSON data
* Error handling and exceptions
* Introduction to OOP
* Classes and objects
* Inheritance and polymorphism
* Encapsulation and data hiding
* Overloading and overriding methods
* Design principles in OOP
* Introduction to graphics and GUI libraries
* Creating interactive applications
* Building a simple game
* Basics of web development
* HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
* Introduction to databases
* Connecting to and querying databases
* Integrating databases into Python projects
* Introduction to data science
* Presentation of projects
* Reflection and future coding goals


    • Personal computer with Python IDE installed
    • Internet access for online resources and tutorials
    • Basic knowledge of Python or completion of a beginner Python course

How to enroll for this courses

Our courses are led by professional instructors. Students get a one-on-one session, which ensures they get the best and their learning is tailored to meet their individual needs. Note that only parents/guardians will be able to enroll students to other courses. To enroll -

  • Register as a parent/guardian by clicking on the register button.

  • Provide the information and you will be signed in when you click the button.

  • From your account menu, click on ‘add a child’, fill in your child’s details. You will be able to add up to 5 children under your account.

  • Go to the course that you would like to enroll your child for, click on enroll, a small window will be displayed, select the child you want to enroll and payment type, click on pay. You will be redirected to make payment on a secure platform.

  • Once payment is confirmed, you will be redirected back to your payment history page and the payment will be displayed.

  • The class link will then be available on your child’s account and the parent account, you will be notified before each class. Session report will be sent to you at the end of every session.

  • Or, use the chat button on the button left to reach us for further assistance.

Virtual | Ages 14-17 | 1 session per week

₦ 38,000 / month

1 session per week, 4 sessions per month

This course is for Ages 14-17 and it's the Intermidiate level. Classes are Virtual.

100% online ( Virtual )

For Ages 14-17 ( Intermidiate )

1 Session per Week

1 hour per Session

Total of 12 Sessions to complete




Installmental Payment


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