Mobile App Deveopment

Introduction to Mobile app development with Thunkable for kids

By CodeGummy


Students will learn how to build apps for mobile devices like Android and IoS. millions for people around the world use mobile devices and it has made a lot of tasks easier. Learning to build mobile apps will help prepare students for the future of work or even help them bring their ideas to life and earn in the process.

This course will introduce students to block coding as well as frontend designs using drag and drop. Knowledge of a programming language will help but is not required to take this course. Students will have apps as projects that can be installed on mobile devices at the end of this course.

No prior programming experience is required.

What students will learn

    • How to design the frontend of mobile applications.
    • Code (block coding) the backend of the app.
    • Create popular apps and understand how they work.
    • How to upload mobile apps to app stores.

Course Outline

* The frontend and backend
* How to drag and drop components
* Programming blocks
* Component and attributes
* Importing and adding images
* The Sign in screen backend - project
* Navigating screens
* How the blocks works
* Operators in Thunkable
* Moving between Screen
* Grouping components
* Inputs
* The Sign in screen frontend - project
* Loops
* Variables
* Conditional statements
* Functions
* The Sign in screen backend - project
* Adding screens
* Screen template( style )
* Add information to screens
* Choosing the app to work on
* Ideation
* Wireframe drawing
* Create frontend
* Coding the app (logic)
* Testing and installing
* Making designs
* Coding the questions
* Adding more features to the app
* What are databases
* How Thunkable database works
* Using data sheet or spreadsheets
* Ideation and wireframe
* Adding screens
* Coding and Database
* Empathize
* Define
* Ideate
* Prototype
* Testing
* Student's present a capstone project topic
* Student’s suggested project will be checked and graded


    • A computer with a mouse
    • Good internet connection
    • Notebook and pen

How to enroll for this courses

Our courses are led by professional instructors. Students get a one-on-one session, which ensures they get the best and their learning is tailored to meet their individual needs. Note that only parents/guardians will be able to enroll students to other courses. To enroll -

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Virtual | Ages 13-17 | 1 session per week

₦ 34,000 / month

1 session per week, 4 sessions per month

This course is for Ages 13-17 and it's the Beginner level. Classes are Virtual.

100% online ( Virtual )

For Ages 13-17 ( Beginner )

1 Session per Week

1 hour per Session

Total of 12 Sessions to complete




Installmental Payment


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