Game Deveopment

Introduction to Programming with Scratch

By CodeGummy


An introduction to programming using Scratch, a visual programming language via which children can write code by dragging and dropping graphical blocks (that resemble puzzle pieces) instead of typing out text. 

Students will learn programming concepts like conditionals, loops, operators, and lots more. At the end of this course, students will be able to build shareable games and animations. 

Students get to build projects as they learn, mini projects can be the imagination or ideal of the student that will be brought to life.

What students will learn

    • Conditionals
    • Loops
    • Operators
    • Coordinates
    • Scratch interface


Course Outline

* What is programming?
* Text vs Block programming
* Code palette, Scripting area and Stage
* Choosing a backdrop
* Import a backdrop
* Painting a backdrop
* Choosing a sprite
* Importing a sprite
* Painting a sprite
* Sprite costumes
* Making a sprite move and turn
* Make a sprite go to a random position
* The x and y axis
* Say blocks
* Switch and next block
* Size block
* Events in programming
* Broadcasting in Sprite
* Conditionals in programming
* Using the if then, repeat block
* Make a sprite walk from left to right
* Make a different sprite run
* Adding sound to a project
* Importing and recording sound
* Sensing in Scratch
* Asking and responding in Scratch
* What variables are and how to create one
* Setting and changing variables
* Using the math operators
* Logical operators
* The program uses random numbers to display questions
* What are extensions in Scratch
* Adding extensions to Scratch
* What functions in Scratch
* Creating a ‘My block’
* Using ‘my block’
* Creating a retro game in Scratch


    Good internet connection

    A computer (and a mouse)

    Notebook and Pen

How to enroll for this courses

Our courses are led by professional instructors. Students get a one-on-one session, which ensures they get the best and their learning is tailored to meet their individual needs. Note that only parents/guardians will be able to enroll students to other courses. To enroll -

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Virtual | Ages 7-10 | 1 session per week

₦ 26,000 / month

1 session per week, 4 sessions per month

This course is for Ages 7-10 and it's the Beginner level. Classes are Virtual.

100% online ( Virtual )

For Ages 7-10 ( Beginner )

1 Session per Week

1 hour per Session

Total of 12 Sessions to complete




Installmental Payment


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