Programming concepts

Introduction to Python Programming

By CodeGummy


This course is an introduction to the basics of Python programming for 10-17 year-olds. Students will learn how to write and run basic Python code, understand data types, control structures, functions, and basic algorithms. The course aims to foster creativity and problem-solving skills by giving students the opportunity to practice Python through various exercises and projects.


No prior programming experience is required. Students must have access to a computer with internet access and be able to install software.

What students will learn

    • Understand basic programming concepts
    • Write and run Python programs
    • Work with data types, including integers, strings, and lists
    • Use control structures, such as if/else statements and loops
    • Write and call functions<

Course Outline

* Overview of the course and programming concepts
* Installing Python and running the first program
* Understanding the Python shell and using print statements
* Declaring and initializing variables
* Understanding data types, including integers, strings, and lists
* Working with strings and string methods
* Using if/else statements to control program flow
* Working with loops, including for loops and while loops
* Writing programs using control structures
* Use the Control Structure to make a simple calculator
* Arithmetic operators
* Assignment operators
* Comparison operators
* Logical operators
* Identity operators
* Membership operators
* Bitwise operators
* Writing and calling functions
* Understanding modules and using built-in modules
* Creating and using custom modules
* Build a simple dice game that output random numbers
* Git
* Github
* Creating and accessing tuples and sets
* Creating and accessing dictionaries
* Understanding basic algorithms, such as sorting and searching
* Writing programs using algorithms
* Introduction to debugging and error handling
* Read files
* Write and Create files
* Delete files
* Discuss final project
* Using the skills learned in the course to create basic projects
* Working on a final project


    • A computer with a mouse
    • Good internet connection
    • Notebook and pen
    • Applications will also be installed during sessions

How to enroll for this courses

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Virtual | Ages 7-17 | 1 session per week

₦ 28,000 / month

1 session per week, 4 sessions per month

This course is for Ages 7-17 and it's the Beginner level. Classes are Virtual.

100% online ( Virtual )

For Ages 7-17 ( Beginner )

1 Session per Week

1 hour per Session

Total of 12 Sessions to complete




Installmental Payment


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